Why? Huh?

Why "the stone orchard" and what the hell kind of website is this?

Well, that's not so easy. I'm a musician. Go here to find out about that: My Website. It's really not why I do this. I started this because I get sad. I get really, really sad sometimes. I think it's chemical and I try not to take it very seriously. I am, after all, solidly lower middle class, able to do the things I love and stay home with the kids in a house in an industrialized nation with plenty of love around me.

This reminds me that I really shouldn't bitch.

The name is borrowed very lovingly from East of Eden. I'm not going to explain it because you really need to go buy the book and read it. I'm not much for recommending consumerism, but you should own that book.

Here at the the Stone Orchard we love awesome and hate Apple.

Also, there's a lot more websites I don't tell you about than I do. Watch here. Every so often I tell a secret.