The world is a frightening place

I spoke in the past post about being done with school. I walked out on the Education program because it seemed really depressing and would have taken me another year to two to complete. I was absolutely certain that I would be able to 1). Get an English degree and 2). score a sweet job in a month or two.

I got the degree. It came in the mail today. It looks nice.

I haven't had any real luck getting a job. I know what people say about the job market, but I'm no whiner and I can do this. I figure what you need is to know people and I'm a guy who's pretty rich in social capital.

I'm poor in experience, however and I've worked as a musician for twenty years. In that time you become that guy. It's sort of like typecasting, but imagine that the only role you've played for 20 years is Paul Westerberg. Yeah.

So I'm making new friends who don't know me so well, an in the meantime I'm writing. A lot. The desire when I got this sad BA in English was to write. I've written songs for twenty some years and as it became clear to me that no one was going to care as much as me, I kept writing. You can't call yourself a writer and not write.

With that Mid-Western work ethic instilled, I'm writing. So what if no one has hired me?

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