I found this today. I knew there was some issue about the new Cal Cedar Blackwing pencils, but never in my life thought that this had happened.

I live in a vacuum occupied mostly with my own thoughts, I don't consume in the same way a lot of my friends do. I read for info and I'm not nosy about drama. Either way I missed this. It began with hype for me a few years back. I never really used the original very much. I liked them and all, but at the time they were around I could still get USA Made Mirado Black Warriors. Them are gone, too.

Either way I was excited to get to try the NEW Blackwings. I never realized that the purists would strip it of joy.

I own a few boxes of these new, Blackwing tributes and I think they're fine pencils. I like quite a bit of the stuff CalCedar offers, notably the Golden Beear line, I prefer these as I prefer US made stuff. Still, not my point.

I never for a second, in all of my un-initiated way that these were the same pencils. I never felt deceived by the advertising or the hype. I though it was fun. Hell, it sounds a lot like Steinbeck's Blackwing 602 wasn't even what they had at the end, from things I've read and knowing that Eberhard Faber changed hands a few times.

I have some Eberhard Faber pencils, I like them. That's all. Theses aren't my favorite. I would love to get my fingers on one of the originals to see for myself if the hype is real, but not at the current prices they're going for.

For me, for now, I'm just pleased that these are out there.

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